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PaxelGames community server.

Hey you, you. No you.

Are you interested in joining another game development community? We are PaxelGames, the PaxelGames Community.

What is PaxelGames? We are an upcoming application development studio, focusing on developing idle games for the play,- and apple store with pixelart style.

But wait, why community? We are a community for game development, indie gamers or just gamers in general where you can socialize, share thoughts and ideas, help each other and play together on discord or anywhere else.

Oh you are interested? Sounds really nice.

What can we offer you then: Community Art share Game share Showcases Feedback Personal roles Socializing Discord games Personal voice channels Gaming bots Activity ranks (Bonuses) Events And alot more in the future

In general a nice friendly and safe community.

Join us now, and see you there.



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