Welcome to Quickgen.bar, the premier account generation service.

Welcome to Quickgen.bar, the premier account generation service.

How our service works:

Purchase a license from our store

Join the discord (if you haven't already)

Activate the license in the #spam channel by using the !redeem command

Once you have the generators role, use /stock to see the current accounts in stock and /generate (without brackets) to receive an account in your DMs. It's that simple!

Our accounts currently include the following:

Nеtflix, Нulu, Disney+, НBO Max, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Showtime, Sling, Dazn, Tidal, NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL.tv, Headspace, Masterclass, Scribd, Microsoft365, NordVРN, IPVanish, AcornTV, Boomerang, Calm, CuriosityStream, Gaia, НBO Nordic, ITVHub+, Lionsgate, Lumosity, Mcafee, Paramount+, Pureflix, Shawacademy, Sundance, The Athletic, Tunnelbear, Ultimate Guitar Pro, Viaplay, VRV, Yousician

Our grand opening discount code is WELCOME50, which currently has six uses left, after which the discount will be invalid.

We already have many satisfied customers, so join the Quickgen wave today by purchasing a license!



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