❖ The future is here ❖

⌬ C Y B Ξ R S Ρ Λ C Ξ ⌬

A place that is built upon modern aesthetics in mind. We aim to bring you the best experience in our community, with that said please take a look at what we have to offer.

◈ A space for everyone with different interest ◈

We offer a diverse range of topics for you able to discuss from gaming, anime, art, music to even cryptocurrency and NFTs. We even have our own channel dedicated for sensitive topics like religion, politics, sexuality and more. We want our community to have a sense of open mindedness and looking at things in a different perspective.

⎚ Anyone is welcome here ⎚

Our goal is also to bring as many people as we can into our community. People with different background, people who has experienced in things that many people don't have, people with knowledge not known by many. We are not a discriminating server, we welcome everyone even YOU.

〄 Friendly Staff 〄

We do not tolerate staff toxicity. We'll have own system and guidelines to make sure that you'll not be treated unfairly. Selection of staff shall be thorough and shall be taken seriously, no bias whatsoever when it comes to selecting our staff. Our community will have the best staff there is so we can bring you the best experience that we promised.

We have a lot of bots to offer such as DANK MEMER, MUDAE, KARUTA, TATSU, ANIGAME and more. If you want to ad a fun bot to our collection, feel free to ask. We appreciate you using the bots in our server. We want to have a comfortable place for you to use bot commands here.

⌯ Dialy News ⌯

We have bots that can post daily news in channels. We have three different types of news in our community, gaming, anime and crypto. All of these news are post in there own separate channel according to their type. This will make sure you'll never miss a thing while you are busy entertaining yourself in our community and it will make things more easier and convenient to look up on what's new.

☤ Mental Health services ☤

We provide a safe place for your mental health needs, mental health is not a joke to us. Feel free to relax yourself, calm down a bit and rest for a while. You are loved and we are here to provide that love. Our community is filled with different kinds of people. I'm sure someone in here who is willing to help you ♥

NOTE : We are not professionals, if you are in need of serious or life threatening help call a helpline instead.

₪ Chill Community ₪

As we told you before, we aim to bring you the best experience possible, that include the community. However, all of this wouldn't be possible without you, yes I'm talking about you. We need you to help us to create a amazing environment for our community. Without the people, the server is useless, thus the community that we have would not exist. We can only do so much, but without you, it just wouldn't be the same. So Please join us and create the most epic community there is, together.

✖ NSFW Free ✖

We are planning to build a SFW community from the very start, it would stay like this until I have further plans to change this in the future. Until then, it will remain NSFW free in the mean time. On the plus side, it is suitable for all ages, maybe I should keep like this.

Thank you for making this far I do hope you consider joining us, I put a lot of time and effort into this project. Thank you for your time and have a nice day/night! 😊



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