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Hi there, It’s The Upcord team I would like for you to join my server and help us be a powerful community

On our server you can

  • Submit Your Discord Bots!
  • Advertise Your Discord Bots!
  • Advertise Your Discord Servers!
  • Chat with everyone on the server!
  • Test all server bots on specific channels and get satisfied

This site is a list of publicly available Discord bots. The bots presented here are created and maintained by the community members and serve all kinds of purposes. We do not take any money to promote certain bots on the site.

We have

  • Amazing Staff
  • Active
  • Helpful
  • Giveways

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Iike the server 10 - 10

His the best botlist in the world!!

By Deleted User 8b84d0c2#55575

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