New InviteManager

This is the new official InviteManager bot support server. You can ask questions about our bots and chat with others!

This is a new version of the official InviteManager bot. Very unfortunately, the developers went inactive and we were unable to transfer the ownership to the active moderators.

For that reason, we've decided to create a new server and continue the development of it.

InviteManager is a Discord bot which tracks every invite that happens on the server also analyses who was invited by whom.

The brand new moderation system allows people to auto-moderate many things. In short, this bot gives out "strikes" to people who misbehave, and after a certain amount of strikes, the user receives a punishment. Every time the user receives a strike, he gets a personal message telling him how many strikes he has and why he got them. Violations are auto-moderation rules that people can enable or disable on the server.

The auto-role system can let people get roles by invite counts, or reacting to specific messages with specific emojis.

What InviteManager offers:

šŸ‘‹ Join and leave messages, to give new users a warm welcome

šŸ“ˆ Invite tracking/management, to track the invites of your members

šŸ‘® Moderation system, to keep your server save from rule breakers

āš’ļø Utility commands, e.g. join roles, and much more

And more more!



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