Fear's Playhouse

A bot support / social server for people to hang out

This is a bot support server but we also socialize here too!
--- What we offer from the bot:
• Music commands
• Utility commands
• Image commands
• Fun commands
• Moderation commands
• Economy!
--- What the server offers:
• Partnerships for whoever wants to partner
• Media channels
• Selfie channel
• Suggestions for the bot and the server
• Music commands channel
• Bot support channel (for whoever needs help with the bot)
• And music + general voice channels
--- What we are looking for ---
• Partnership managers and staff for the bot and the server
• If you would like to partner your server must have 50+ members excluding the bots!
Server Link: https://discord.gg/JfWcEFS
Banner: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/594370347474747412/594990691411689481/ggs.jpg
Bot listing website(s): https://divinediscordbots.com/bot/594189989143904264 | More soon!

Fears Playhouse


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