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⤙ Do you require a bot with great invite management, per server status management and many other interesting features? ⤚

Look no further than PopBot!

‣ Invite management features such as a command to fetch information on an invite, whitelisting (or blacklisting) posting invites for servers, managing invalid invites, with auto-moderation options for both and invite logging for it all!

‣ An embed system which allows members in the roles you chose to react with online, idle, dnd and offline emotes to show if they will be active in your server (So you don't need to guess if someone is available or not simply by their Discord status, ideal for Staff teams or Gaming groups).

‣ A preset nickname system, ideal if you have rules with certain requirements. No need to type out that new nickname for each member, just setup a preset then with the nickname command and the preset option it will be changed automatically!

‣ Setup auto-posting messages in your server which will post repeatedly on a timer.

‣ On top of all this you will still find the commands you've come to know, like many moderation commands (with some that are less commonly found).

And many more features to come in the future, including more auto-moderation, levelling and fun/game commands.



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