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The main hub for HaileyBot, a user-driven Discord bot. Suggest a good feature and it'll be added. Join to be a part of our community and vote on what comes next.

HaileyBot aims for versatility; our goal is to have every feature you could ever think of, as well as some you would never imagine. Getting to that point takes time, but with every new update comes a new feature, bringing us closer to our goal of becoming a bot to replace all bots.

We have features for helping server owners spread the word about their servers, and also for helping new Discord users find a community they want to join. HaileyBot can link channels across different servers, so that you can meet new people and form new connections. We also have an extensive list of moderation commands for helping you keep your server the way you want it to be. There are also many other commands that vastly improve the general user experience.


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