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Custom commands​ ▪️ /hug Send someone a hug. ▪️ /hey Wellcome ▪️ /stats stats ▪️​ /slap Send someone a hug. ▪️ /dont Dont do this brh Music commands

▪️ /play ​ Plays music from YouTube. ▪️ /skip Skips the current song. ▪️ /stop Stops the music bot and clears the queue. ​▪️ /np Displays the currently playing song. ▪️ /queue Displays the current song queue to the channel. ▪️ /pause Pauses the current song. ▪️ /resume Resumes a paused song. ▪️ /wipequeue Wipes the current song queue ▪️ /connect Connect the bot to a voice channel. ▪️ /disconnect Disconnect the bot from a voice channel. ▪️ /loop Enable music looping ▪️ /remove Remove a song from the music queue ▪️ /seek Seek through the current playing song. ▪️ /forward Skip forward through the song queue. ▪️ /shuffle ​ Shuffle the music queue. Moderation commands

▪️ /ban Bans a User from the Server ▪️ /mute Mutes a user in the server ▪️ /unmute Unmutes a user in the server ▪️ /warn Warns a user ▪️ /warnings Displays all the past warnings of a user ▪️ /clearwarnings Clears all the warnings of a user ▪️ /status Change the status or presence of the bot. Only premium users can change their bots presence. ▪️ /report Allows users to report another member. All reports will be stored in a channel named 'reports'. Bots must have permission to create channels. ▪️ /suggest Allows a user to make a suggestion ▪️ /invite Generates the invite link for the bot and posts it in the server ▪️ /kick Kicks a user from the server ▪️ /say Broadcasts a message in the channel ▪️ /addrole Adds a role to a User ▪️ /removerole Removes a role from a User ▪️ /softban Soft bans a user from the server. Removes all their messages from chat and kicks them ▪️ /purge Deletes a number of messages in a channel ▪️ /ping Gets the ping of the server and the bot ▪️ /timeout Give a user a time-out ▪️ /removetimeout Remove a timeout from a user. ▪️ /avatar Get a users avatar ▪️ /deafen Deafen a member ▪️ /undeafen Undeafen a member ▪️ /move Move a member to a voice channel ▪️ /slowmode Change a channels slowmode ▪️ /vkick Voice kick a member ▪️ /vmute Voice mute a member ▪️ /vunmute Voice unmute a member ▪️ /unban ​ Unban a member Economy commands

▪️ /give Gives money to a user from your balance. ▪️ /add-money An admin only command that adds currency to another users balance. ▪️ /remove-money An admin only command that removes currency from another users balance. ▪️ /check-balance Displays the currency balance of a user. ▪️ /dailyClaims your daily bonus. ▪️ /leaderboard Displays the server leader board. ▪️ /econadmin Admin commands for the Economy shop. ▪️ /giveitem Give an item from your inventory to someone else. ▪️ /use Use an item from your inventory. ▪️ /buy Buy an item from the shop. ▪️ /shop View the shop or an item from the shop. ▪️ /inventory ​ View your inventory or an item in your inventory


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