A discord music bot! Prefix: !! Type " !!help " to show all commands!

Commands List


!!play/p : ➥Play the YouTube Song

!!forceplay/fp : ➥Plays a YouTube song right away, even if there is a song currently playing.

!!pause: ➥Pause the currently playing track.

!!summon: ➥Summon the bot to the VC.

!!disconnect: ➥Disconnect the bot from the voice channel.

!!nowplaying: ➥Retrieve the current track and queued tracks

!!skip: ➥Skip currently playing track and play the next track in the queue.

!!clearqueue: ➥Clear the current queue.

!!loop: ➥Loops the current track until unmuted.

!!unloop: ➥unloops all tracks.

!!save: ➥saves a song to your favorites. Use this command when a song is being played in VC and you want to save it.

!!unsave : ➥Removes a song from your favorites.

!!queue: ➥Show's you a queue of all your saved songs.



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