Legit Checks - Dype (J)#4150

A sneaker legit check bot that takes requests and connects you with an authenticator. Use command "!help" on more information.

Provide legit checks out of the box for sneaker groups of any kind (cook groups, resell groups, etc). No more needing to get your own in-house legit checkers or moderators. Let Dype bot take the load off your staff - since our legit check team works 24/7 around the clock.

(Joint Bot) The entire server shares one single balance of credits for legit checks. If you want each member to have their own balance of credits - use our (Individual Bot). Check out our website to learn more

Dype bot intakes legit check requests from members and connects the request directly to one of our expert legit checkers. Once the verdict on the sneaker's legitimacy has been finalized, the bot will DM you the results and analysis.


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