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the only discord bot u need for your server

termed is an easy to use bot that includes commands for moderating or having fun. This bot is constantly being improved and updated in order to optimize the bot. This bot will be there so that you no longer need several bots but only one that regulates itself for everything. For this step he can regulate everything from the commands to the moderations. Therefore, the bot is often improved until we have achieved everything it needs.

Maybe other bots have the same functions as our bot, but we are trying to upgrade it. You will never see a bot like this again. We listen to the users and try to use all good ideas to improve the bot so that it becomes better.

termed is a Multifunctional Discord Bot which has over 900+ different Commands/Features With a Social Logger for Many Plattforms With Music, Fun and Mini-Game Commands.

This bot is completely free, every command, function and content.


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