OpenBB Bot#4609

The OpenBB Bot is a free and open source, interactive Discord Bot for stocks, options, indexes, crypto, and more!

Discord Bot is an easy-to-use and interactive bot for querying stock, options, futures, indices, crypto and more. The confusion in knowing the exact command structure for each feature is no longer a problem because autocomplete guides you through it, which lets you concentrate on the things that really matter - the data.

Getting started is as easy as entering the slash key in a server where the bot is hosted, or in a DM to OpenBB Bot#4609. It takes only minutes to learn how to use, but with a little curiosity, you can get lost for hours exploring all of the possibilities, finding boundless inspiration for new trade ideas. Browse or search the documentation for more detailed information about each feature. A text list containing the variable options unique to that feature is accessible by using: /cmds.

To add the bot to your server, click the invite: applications.commands

Here is a short demonstration of the bot in action:


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