A Birthday Bot created with the goal to provide an easy-to-use, good-looking and useful Helper to celebrate your Members Birthdays. 🎂🎉

Birthdayy is an easy-to-use Bot that helps you to remind and celebrating your Discord Members Birthdays 🎂🎉

What do you get by inviting me?

  • Register your or other People's Birthdays
  • Always up-to-date list of all your Servers Birthdays
  • Reminder when it's a Member's Birthday
  • Assign a Role to the Birthday Child for one Day
  • Optional Role Ping to the Announcement
  • Multi Birthday Announcement (if more than one person has Birthday at the same Date)
  • Birthday Abuse Protection

A Bot that has also a focus on it's Aesthetics


See a full Overview with /help

  • /birthday [register/update/remove/list]
  • /config [status/logs/overview/announcement/ping-role/birthday-role/servername]
  • /invite
  • /status
  • /support
  • /feedback
  • /bugreport
  • /help


Average 5 out of 1 reviews

So easy and comfortable

The bot is very easy to use. It's very comfortable to see the birthdays of the members in discord. Also, the creator is very handsome and ask about what i think about it and how improve it more. You can see the love and effort put into this bot. For all that, i give it 5/5

By retamosita#81905

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