ODFlameBot V4#1662

a bot good for things like moderation minigames and more!

https://media.giphy.com/media/FuWnNEHoDbYSinWCRu/giphy.gif ODFlameBot V4 has the following modules information music settings owner programming administration setup voice NSFW ranking minigames fun custom cmds and advertisment and its all with buttons :3

in total it has 380 commands! and a fantastic imaging system with options such as abandon,armor,america,changemymind,circle,cry,dab,jail,joke,kill,kiss,meme,note, obama and so so SO much more!

music system commands include grab,jump,loop,lyrics,move,moveme,nowplaying,reconnect,radio,bassboost,china, chipmunk,darthvader and more!

and did i forget to mention the amazing economy reaction role and leveling system? well guess i did check it out for yourself add the bot and see the amazing things it can do!

for additional information join my support server! https://discord.gg/DjtAYbZmmF Bot: https://bit.ly/ODFlameBotV4

this bot has some glitches (due to it being made over replit) but still works well! i hope you enjoy

(made by milrato development)


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