Pizza business bot, Create your own pizza business and compete with other users to create the largest pizza business on Discord!

A very simple minigame but, simple yet fun. Dig into the world of the pizza industry and develop your own pizza business to your own likings. Become the richest person in Discord or choose to go the other way and support others. Start your own business by using the .register command, after that you can check out our very awesome tutorial by using the .tutorial command. The bot is released as a BETA bot and is still in development, so please report all bugs to the support server so that it can be fixed faster. You have commands such as .work, .tips to earn money, you get hourly payouts. Increase this income by purchasing upgrades that can be viewed with .upgrade, .advertisements or .hire and then .hire or .buy upgrades for your company. Your goal is to become the biggest Pizza Business on Discord!


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