Activities Provider#7001

Slash command bot for starting voice channel activities.

Hold on! This bot is ONLY for desktop usage, it will NOT work on phone, due to Discord is only offering the activities on desktop.

Activities is a slash command bot for starting Discord’s new voice channel activities. Simply add the bot and use /activity in your server, and you can select a voice channel and the activity to open. Shows as offline but still works

Current voice channel activities:

  • Poker Night
  • Watch Together
  • Chess In The Park
  • Doodle Crew
  • Letter Tile
  • Word Snacks
  • Putts Dis
  • YouTube Together
  • Spellcast
  • Awkward

Why is Activities offline? Activities is a slash command bot, and it receives interactions over HTTP. This is a Discord bot feature which only works for slash commands. Therefore, Activities does not need to connect to Discord's WebSocket Gateway to receive events. Unfortunately, this makes the bot display as offline, but Discord plans to improve this in the future.

Even though the bot is "offline", it still works properly.


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