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Just a normal discord music bot!

Brio is a normal discord music bot, but with a little bit of spice to it..

Fun fact: The name Brio was found from a baby names website 😅

Help command: b!help


b!filter songs filters

b!help bot orders

b!join join the channel 24/7

b!jump skip a specific song

b!leave leave the voice channel

b!loop repeat the song/queue

b!lyrics view the song lyrics

b!nowplaying view what is playing now

b!pause pause the queue

b!ping view the bot ping

b!play play a music/playlist

b!prefix change the prefix in you guild

b!queue view the server queue

b!radio play a random music

b!resume resume the server queue

b!say makes the bot repeat what you say

b!skip skip the song

b!stop stop the server queue

b!volume change the songs volume


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