A discord music bot. Can play music from more than 8 music platform

SPOTIRΛZ was created by R Λ Z with the help of lavamusic on a simple idea for after finding the passion in programming and went very far in this simple idea to make a project.The bot is compatible with: Youtube, Soundcloud, Youtube Music, Spotify, Deezer, Twitch, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Facebook Music. Here is SPOTIRΛZ!


COMMANDS [/] : the bot prefix is ! you can also change it with !prefix . the bot use also slash commands.


247 24/7 in voice channel

autoplay Toggle music autoplay

clearqueue Clear Queue

filter Set EqualizerBand

join Join voice channel

leave Leave voice channel

loop Toggle music loop

lyrics Get lyrics for the currently playing song

nowplaying Show now playing song

pause Pause the currently playing music

play Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud

queue Show the music queue and now playing.

remove Remove song from the queue

resume Resume currently playing music

seek Seek the currently playing song

shuffle Shuffle queue

skip Skip the currently playing song

skipto Forward song

stop Stops the music

volume Change volume of currently playing music


about See description about this project

help Return all commands, or one specific command

invite invite SPOTIRΛZ

links See useful links

ping Check Ping Bot

status Show status bot


setprefix Set Custom Prefix


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Prefix! @SPOTIRΛZ /cmd
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