NFT Terminal#4336

All-in-one Bot for NFTs. Never APE Without Us.

Administrative owners of each NFT project discord server will help the community prosper even more with NFT Terminal Bot.

By installing the NFT Terminal Bot, users will be able to use the functions below:

1. Rarity

Algorithm-type NFTs own its rarity score and its ranking is determined based on the data.

In the designated channel, input of [$rarity CryptoPunk 5217] will generate the relative message of that NFT.

  • Rating
  • Total Rarity Score
  • Trait Types
  • Trait Name
  • Percentage

2. OpenSea Data

It reports data and transactions from OpenSea in real time where the most active NFT trades are happening. Always stay up to date with what is happening in the marketplace.

  • Sale
  • Listing/Delisting
  • Trading Volume
  • Floor Price

3. Mint Event

When Minting goes live, a message is automatically sent to the channel. The growing messages will help to both excite and hype up the community.

  • NFT Image
  • Token ID
  • Buyer
  • Amount

4. Gas Tracker

For ETH-based NFTs, gas price is an important data for users. Check out the information you can find from conveniently from Discord.

  • Low, Average, and High gwei.


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