A free and easy to use security bot [Antiraid, Music, Utils and more..]

The BetterGuard Bot was created with the goal of protecting the discord community, so that users can enjoy this wonderful software in complete safety, avoiding raids and attempted destruction of Discord servers.

Once BetterGuard is on your discord and the commands are configured, you will have guaranteed protection on your Discord thanks to certain types of commands such as anti webhooks, antibot and many others.

However, the bot also has controls to make the discord more lively and enjoyable: a status-based support system, if you have a certain status then you will have a certain role. Perfect for community servers, right?

There are also commands to entertain the community: commands such as avatar, userinfos, 8balls and many more.

Regarding the upcoming orders, the bot is of course in BETA and is therefore still in development, I encourage you to join the BetterGuard support discord, in order to be able to report bugs and propose new commands


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