Hello i am music bot add me one time

Hello,I am a music bot easy to use bot One of my favorite discord music bots is the which is a powerful music playing bot. can play music from YouTube. Best Discord Music Bots ·used to be a highly functional Discord music bot that supported YouTube. add bot one time in your server. opp bot you play song from yt 🎧 Music commands

play βž› Play A Song

loop βž› Repeat Song

pause βž› Pause Song

resume βž› Resume Song

skip βž› Skip To Next Song

stop βž› Stop Song

volume βž› Set Volume 0-100

queue βž› See Queued Songs List

skip-to βž› Skips to

now-playing βž› Show The Current Song

πŸ› οΈ Information commands

help βž› Show Help List

ping βž› See Bot Latency

πŸ”¨ config commands

set-prefix (prefx) βž› To Change the bot prefix


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