Scan links and URL's using our advanced detection methods. Collection of tools for cybersecurity.

Virtue is the best cybersecurity bot with many tools and features for anyone to enjoy.

  • Analyzing Links with Virtue check <link> The Check command will scan your link using Google Safe Browsing and get the Phish Score (our advanced method of detecting phishing links) of your link.

Scanning a legitimate link: Both Google and Phish Score will tell you that this website is indeed safe.

Scanning a phishing link: Both Google and Phish Score think it is a phishing, unsafe website.

This feature will benefit you and your server (once Automod is out).

  • Analyzing Files with Virtue scan with File Attachment Coming soon. It will use VirusTotal API to scan files.

  • Check if a Password has been Breached pass <password> in Private Messages Data isn't stored in any way and is hashed when sending to server for check.

Checking a very commonly used password: It has been breached over a million times.

Checking a secure password (random characters): Never breached. Most likely safe to use.

How? Using Have I been pwned API. You will get the same results as going here:

  • Whois whois <link> Whois can be used to trace back an owner of a site, details about it and more.

Whois checking a phishing site: We get an email of the owner of a phishing website, the country, dates and more. We can also find where it's hosted and then report it to the host.

  • Prefixes Prefixes can be changed for every server. It will only work in the server it's changed on.

  • Help Command Pages are used to get help on every command. It will get revamped soon.


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