Grizz - Auto Mod#7554

A completely FREE Auto-Moderation Discord bot which includes great features which make Discord Server moderation easy and automates the whole process of moderating Discord Servers.

Grizz-Auto Mod

Grizz is a completely free auto moderation bot made by Technanite

Grizz - Auto Mod can Auto Moderate Discord servers by giving the current moderators the ability to set specific words which if are in a message the author of that message will get Auto-Kicked or Auto-Banned from the Discord server

Grizz - Auto Mod also makes it easy for the moderators to manually ban and kick people from the server as well as unban them and help with other moderation features

Grizz - Auto Mod also has some fun features like posting a GIF according to a users search query and these GIF’s are automatically content filtered so in servers where GIF’s are disabled due to the NSFW reasons they can enable them for their server members in this way which keeps the fun and makes sure that its all ‘Safe for Work’


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