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⬆️ Level up your Discord server with high quality-focused commands.

╭─────❴ FLARE ❵─────╮

┊--> This is Flare, a quality-first Discord bot.

┊Flare is about quality, not quantity.

┊We work almost every day to improve the bot and make it even better.

┊We also try to come up with original idea's instead of making ripoffs of other dev's code.


┊--> Example of the commands.

┊flare meme


┊⬆️ Upvotes: 69 Upvotes

┊👥 Subreddit: r/me_irl

┊👤 Author: u/reddit

┊📝 Title: You should invite Flare.


┊meme image here


┊❲ Another One ❳ ❲ Link ❳


┊─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─


┊flare help


┊About Me: Flare is a Discord bot...

┊Prefix: My prefix is "flare " example...

┊Navigate: Use the dropdown menu to...


┊banner image here


┊❲ Select a page ⬇︎ ❳


┊--> Our economy system.

┊We tried our best to make a quality-first economy system... about dogs.

┊Our economy system does not contain robbing and other things to fight players.

┊Unlock better commands by buying helper doggo's, hunter doggo's, etc.


┊We even have a daily command that gives you a random amount of a random currency.

┊No streaks required.


┊Our community loves the new economy system and you could try it too!

┊It even works in Flare's DM's.


┊--> Why choose us?

┊Our Discord bot is made for privacy, not tracking everyone. Learn more.

┊Flare offers tools to chat with a ai, have a image welcomer, have a counting channel, good auto-moderation,

┊and much more.


┊--> Join us on our Discord.

┊Join us in our support server here.

┊We allow members to send us their bots to add them in the community bots channels.


┊--> Even more commands.

┊// Moderation

┊clear, ban, kick, slowmode, create-backup,

┊info-backup, load-backup, sudo


┊// Auto Moderation

┊antiinvite, antiswear, antiurl


┊// Utility

┊screenshot, afk, gold, addemoji, embed,

┊color, sourcebin, server


┊// Fun

┊ai, meme, bal, beg, shop,

┊work, hunt, search, baker, bake,

┊mine, research, show, daily, mail,



┊// Other

┊emoji, counting, welcomer, topic, chatbot

┊music, customcommand


┊// Disclaimer

┊This list will not be kept up to date,

┊please check the help command for more information.


┊--> Our Links

┊If you are interested in the Discord bot, please invite the bot here,

┊Join our support server here,

┊View our privacy policy here,

┊And donate to us here.


┊--> Our Banner




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