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Yaxezy Discord Bot is a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot, And is perfect for your server, and is fully Customizable!

Yaxezys Discord Multi-Functional Discord Bot

Yaxezy is a Multi-Functional Discord Bot that has Moderation Commands, And Customizable Giveaways For your Discord Server!

What Does Yaxezy Even Do?

• Yaxezy Does Some Commands Such as, Display Funny Images, Some Fun Commands, Server Backup, Economy Games, Moderation Commands, Customizable Giveaway’s too share!, Could play some music’s, Create Suggestion Channel’s And find Emotes/Emoji’s From Without Downloading Them!

We have commands such as

• Moderation : Kick, Ban, Mute, Lock, Purge/Clear, SetModLog, Slowmode, Reset Warnings.

• Fun/Images : Jail, Love, Speed, Stonks, Triggered, Wasted, Minecraft Achievement, Avatarfusion, Changemymind, Meeting, Panda, Rip, Seal, Shame, Smartcat, Smug, Tickle, Slap

• Economy : Balance, Daily, Fish, Addmoney, beg, buy, deposit, leaderboard, removemoney, roulette, sell, setbackground, setinfo, slots, shop, coins-system, withdraw, work

• Music : Loop, Clear, Disable-loop, Join, Leave, Nowplaying, Play, Playlist, Pause, Queue, Resume, Shuffle, Skip, Stop, Volume

Thanks for Testing our bots!

• Join our Support Server For More Information And Giveaways!

• If you end up finding a bug, please run the y!bug command!

• Defualt Prefix is y! Run Help y!help Want to suggest a command? Do y!cmdsuggest


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