The Almanac#0176

AI Chat Bot! An AI text-based bot built on the most advanced Natural Language AI Model publicly available.

Natural Language Processor built on the GPT-J 6 Billion Parameter model. An all-knowing general-purpose NLP that can do just about anything with the right prompt.


  • Storytelling
  • Script generation (Narrative or Informative)
  • Code generation (does best with smaller tasks. For example, generating the code for an HTML button that launches a pop-up window.)
  • Text continuation
  • Infinite of unexplored possibilities based on the prompt.

Help Command: !Almanac

To-do List:

  • Discord slash command integration
  • Suggestions welcome!

GPT-J is currently the most powerful Natural Language Processor available to the public.

Trained on a general internet dataset, so it contains information from all sectors.

The bot is currently in Alpha state.


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