Power Bot#3339

A moderation and economy bot fit for your server!

Power Bot, A moderation and economy bot fit for your server.

This bot has many functions - like banning/kicking people or just telling people off!

It also has an economy system where you can beg for money like YouTubers begging for likes, you can also steal peoples money :O - just don't do it too much as people will get very.. annoyed - trust me I've tried it myself.

You can withdraw/deposit money into your bank (so you are safe from being robbed), And last but not least - you can search for money, like Teslas, just don't Elon Musk i said that.

And finally you can be like MrBeast and give random people money.

Here's the main commands of the bot:

  • Moderation
    • Ban
    • Kick
    • Warn
    • Report
    • And more!
  • Economy
    • Begging
    • Giving/Stealing
    • Searching
    • And more!

By the way more commands will come out over time, so don't be disappointed.


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