Walter Clements#9762

Walter Clements; the joke discord bot with no purpose that likes fire trucks and moster trucks.

Thanks to reknohT for originally making this bot.

Walter Clements, based on the meme, is a Discord bot with no functionality besides simply being there just to entertain people. Walter replies when someone says "walter", "i like fire trucks", "i like moster trucks", and also has a chance to say "i like fire trucks and moster trucks" like in the meme. He also has a bunch of joke commands of many categories. A full list of commands can be found by typing "/help" or "w!help" if you have application commands disabled. Walter is currently being updated monthly, with more joke commands coming soon!


The bot can easily flood/spam a discord server and should only be used with supervision or in it's own channel using Discord's permissions. Whitelisting and blacklisting channels will be added in the future.


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