Essential All In One Bot For Server Owners With Memes, Auto Moderation, Emojis and More!

Mochu Bot is a Moderation and Fun bot with everything from auto moderation to emoji management.

A List Of Features

Moderation ■ Auto Anti Invite ■ Softban users ■ Advanced Mute and Warn System ■ Advanced Ban System ■ User Info and Purge Commands

Fun ■ Memes from any Subreddit ■ Virtual Pokedex ■ Typing Tests ■ Random Animal Photos ■ Google Anything on Discord

Emojis ■ Server Emoji List ■ Random Emoji Generator ■ Info on ANY Emoji ■ Upload & Delete Emojis

Utility ■ Change the Bots Prefix ■ Info on your Server ■ Info on your boost level ■ Translate ANY Text

So What are you doing? Invite Mochu Bot Now to get all these features in a single bot


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