The Ultimate Moderation Bot. Mass banning, no cooldowns, 99.9% uptime!

Meet TheModBot!

Tired of bot downtime and command cooldowns? This fully serverless discord bot is one of the first of its kind. Its goal is to handle core moderation tasks better than any of the big bots.

This bot supports the following features:

  • Mass Ban!!
  • Ban
  • Unban
  • Kick
  • Mute with Reason / Timeout (new discord feature!)
  • Warn
  • View logs / delete log / clear all user logs

TheModBot does these tasks better than any other moderation bot. No cooldowns, or timeouts. Things just work.

Things to note:

This bot is entirely serverless, one of the first bots of its kind! This allows for extremely high uptime and scalability. This is possible with the use of all slash commands - which are immensely powerful and self documenting.

To get started - an administrator should use the /register command to register each command to a role. /register [command] [role]


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