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Powerful Multipurpose Music Bot for Discord. High Quality Music, Moderation, Action and Fun

Listen to your favorite music with your friends, or just by yourself! And much more!

You can take a look what features Power has.

General Commands

help, ping, invite, avatar, servericon, stats, serverprefix, userinfo, serverinfo, snipe, say, vote, premium, redeem

Action Commands

smile, slap, shy, blush, shoot, punch, pat, kiss, hug, wave, pout, stomp, cry, greet, kill, die, bite, poke, highfive, laugh, lick, stare

Music Commands

join, disconnect, play, search, radio, skip, skipto, stop, restart, pause, resume, loopsong, loopqueue, shuffle, seek, queue, clearqueue, volume

Mod Commands

lock, unlock, purge, ban, kick, unban, slowmode

Suggestion Commands

enable-suggest, disable-suggest, set-suggest, suggest


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Prefix p! (Changeable)
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