Moderation bot, with lots of features such as: Anti-Nuke, which protects your server from people destroying it!


Lockdown brings you many features that are useful for protecting to you and your server. The command categories consist of Moderation, Information, Anti, and Server. I will add more commands in the long run, but as of now feel free to use the bot as is.

Moderation Commands (Not all of the commands are listed)

  • Ban:
  • Kick
  • Mute
  • Lock
  • Role

Anti Commands

  • Antinuke
  • Antibot
  • Whitelist
  • Unwhitelist

Add the bot to your server to see the rest of the command categories with other commands!

Reason For Lockdown

I wanted to create a bot that consistently uses a database, as I was making the basic commands as setprefix and setlogchannel I decided to turn this bot into a anti-nuke bot. I wanted people to protect their servers from people trying to ruin it.




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