A general purpose bot with quotes, reaction roles, counting and more things coming soon:tm:!

A bot to improve the user experience and how much fun members have in the server.

Can add roles to members after they press a button or select them from a dropdown.

Quotes to help you keep the fun things people say organized, you can quote by doing /quote (slash command) or by right clicking on a message then hovering over "Apps" and clicking "Quote Message"

Counting but with a twist, when someone fails a new type is selected. The types are:

  • normal (1,2,3,...)
  • binary (1,10,11)
  • roman (i,ii,iii,...)

If you don't know how to count in binary or roman DeDiamondBot displays a link to a small guide of how to count like that when it changes to that type. All types support math so you can flex your math skills and there is a countingstats command to see your and the server's stats!


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