The most advanced application form bot. 8 question types, logging, slash commands, Web dashboard, privacy-friendly, and recruitment system.


Register your server. If you’ve already registered, manage your integration on its page. If you need help, check out the guide, or join our Discord.

Type /apply in Discord to start a form with the bot.

Make sure you have Slash Commands enabled in your Discord settings.


Gather is a form bot, which can be used for things like membership applications, whitelist requests, moderator requests, and competition submissions.

Pick from up to 8 question types: text, single or multiple choice, identity (Discord, Blizzard, Steam, Xbox), availability, datetime, timezone offset, file, and checkbox.


Grant or revoke roles from people when their applications are approved.


Send notifications to any number of channels, and completely customise the message with variables using the template system. Among other things, that enables you to use a language other than English.

Applicants are notified about the status of their application every step of the way, and the notifications can be customised with a bespoke message.

Interview Channel

Instruct the bot to create a private text channel in Discord for the applicant and admins to discuss the application. Useful for interviews, follow-up questions, and onboarding.

Learn more in the forms guide.


Precisely control who can do what in your community with a sophisticated permissions system which bypasses the limitations of the Discord permissions system. Never again grant sweeping permission to someone just to let them access one or two particular things.


We respect people’s privacy, so every part of the bot is designed with this in mind. Applicants have a ‘right to revoke’ their applications, and we never share user data with third parties (excepting the fact that the bot has to be hosted somewhere).


We’re happy to help with any problems you run into with the bot, and welcome ideas to improve it. Join us in our Discord server.


Gather is a search engine for gaming communities. It provides a lean set of essential tools for gaming communities: recruitment, applications, and member records. Learn more.


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