multipurpose bot that fullfills all of your needs

Celestial has 4 main categorys

First category is "Fun"

cat | shows a cat image feed | feeds a tagged user howgay | meets how gay an user is hug | hugs an user kiss | kisses an user meme | gives a random meme pat | pats an user penis | shows how big someones penis is pet | pets an user slap | slaps an user tickle | tickles an user Second category is "misc"

ping | shows the bots ping uptime | shows how long the bots been up botinfo | shows info about the bot invite | send an invite of the bot support | send an invite of the support server Third category is "moderation"

ban | bans an user softban | bans an user and unbans them immediately banlist | shows a list of banned users unban | unbans a given user lockdown | locks down the channel for everyone slowmode | slows down the channel nuke | clones the channel (deleting and remaking with same settings) off | blocks someone from talking on | unblocks someone from talking kick | kicks the given user purge | deletes the given amount messages Fourth category is "utility"

avatar | shows the users avatar membercount | shows the servers membercount serverbanner | shows the banner of the server if there is one servericon | shows the icon of the server if there is one whois | gives information about a given user snipe | shows the latest deleted message the bot gets updated everyday by the developer *


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