My name is Verifies, im Discord bot for verification purposes, im using hcaptcha api to verify users in discord servers, i also have a cool dashboard you can use for managing your server, enjoy playing.


Hello, my name is Verifies and i am a Discord verification bot. Im created before 2 months. My job is to protect your server of alts and unallowed users.


I also have a sweet looking website made with express. That website is also a dashboard for server configurations. You can find your profile info and your guild list.


I have my cool development server where we all help eachother and chatting. Want become part of us? Join today

My Commands

Command Explanation
.help showing help embed
.stats view bot statistics
.reset reset all configuration
.invite get link to invite bot
.verify verify yourself
.prefix you can change my prefix
.config edit/view current config
.bypass add bypassed users
.get-alts fetch sus accounts


Yes we have some platforms. GitHub, Twitter, Discord...

Our Team

Developer: The Digital


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