A multipurpose bot with over 75 commands, moderation, fun, games, utilities and information. That's chad for you!

What is Chad?

Chad is a rich and multipurpose aesthetically pleasing bot. With our games, moderation, utility, fun commands, and so much more, you can dexterously increase your server's activity while also enforcing rules and punishing users that deserve it.. If you would like more information on how the bot started or any information regarding the bot in general, please join our support server. The bot is running on a private VPS Vitrual Private Server. So it usually runs 24/7 unless I'm fixing bugs, adding updates (which are always scheduled), or switching to a different server via the VPS. This bot is kid-friendly and is mainly used for communities of the aesthetic tone.

Privacy Policy

Chad does store Guild names and ID's however, this is just for the use for blacklisting purposes if needed, also to track if anyone is doing anything that shouldn't be happening with the bot, whether this is spamming commands, or just overall issues and errors in certain servers, the guild name and ID are never shared with ANY user, other than the bot owner, and this information will NEVER be shared with anyone.

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  • Blacklisted

Servers are removed from the database once the bot leaves the server, none of this selected information is shared with anyone other than the sole bot owner, who can be contacted in the support server.

What is blacklisting?

Blacklisting is used for many purposes, whether this is for people spamming and or finding dangerous loopholes in the bot, someone abusing any services of the bot, etc.

Blacklisting FAQ

Question: What is blacklisting?

Answer: Blacklisting is a "bot ban" this means that you will be unable to use the bot until filling out the appeal, or this could be permanent, so you will never be able to use the bot again.

Question 2: What happens if/when I get blacklisted?

Answer 2: Well, once you're blacklisted you will be DMed via information about your blacklisting and how to get unblacklisted.

Question 3: How can I get blacklisted?

Answer 3: Well, they're not too many ways to get blacklisted, but some consist of the following...

The reasons may differ depending on the reputations of some users once again, if you have any questions or didn't receive the DM by Chad you can join the Support Server and contact a server manager or the developer.

Question 3: How can I get unblacklisted?

Answer 3: If you'd like to get unblacklisted you have to ask the server mods.

More FAQs will be added upon more information being added to 'Chad'.


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