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A Cards Against Humanity style game, with the ability to create custom decks and cards that you can use and play on your server!

The Gameplay

The host can start a game on a discord server by typing sc start and they have a choice of using custom decks that have been made on that server or use the default decks that we provide.

Now different server members can join the game by typing sc join and the host can then start a round by doing sc deal. At the start of the round, a random judge is picked and every player is presented with their cards through their DMs. They can choose their specific card by reacting to the specific card number. Once all the players have chosen their card the judge can now choose their favorite card by using sc choose.

After Every round the scoreboard is displayed and the host can choose to end the current game at any time by doing sc end on the server.

Custom Cards and decks

Different users can now create their own custom cards and decks on different servers so people can use them in their games.

You can create a deck by doing sc create deck on a discord server where you would like your cards to be used on. Then you can add cards to the deck by doing sc create card and entering the Deck ID.

What is Calcium?

Calcium is the custom built, card creation system made by the bot developers. Currently its an API with a few endpoints but it will be a lot greater in the future!


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