Want a completely free moderation bot which is online 99.99% of the time? Choose AntiRaid!

šŸ›”ļø | Want a server moderation & protection from raids bot? AntiRaid is YOUR CHOICE! šŸ›”ļø Features

ā€¢ šŸ”’ Server Lockdown ā€¢ šŸ” Lock Specific channel ā€¢ šŸ•°ļø Temp Ban ā€¢ ā° Temp Mute ā€¢ šŸ” Unlock specific channel ā€¢ šŸ” Unlock Server Lockdown ā€¢ āž• āž– Role Management ā€¢ āš ļø Warns System ā€¢ šŸ†” Cases / Infractions System ā€¢ šŸŒƒ 24/7 Logging of actions / member updates / member joins or leaves

Other Features can be viewed at our šŸŒ Dashboard šŸŒ

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