Gwendalito is a fun bot with features that are paid on other bots for FREE. Tons of upcoming features check the full desc for more info!


At the moment, gwendalito features include:

  • Text gen
  • Img gen
  • Usefull commands
  • Fun commands
  • Game stat commands
  • Low Latency Music

What we are working on ATM:

  • Moderation (basic commands, auto filter, url remover, auto nick name moderation)
  • Logging (customisable)
  • Verification (with ip tracing to stop alt accounts)
  • Auto Anti-Raid
  • Economy
  • Meme commands
  • Web dashboard

You can find all of these with !help and if you already use ! as prefix for an another bot, you can change it with !prefix {your new prefix}

Here you can see a short exemple of what gwendalito can do :

find how to use all commands on the website by clicking here or directly on discord by doing the command !help

Much more commands are available so invite gwendalito to test them out!


Hello, i'm 15, my name is Milo (i'm french) and i'm making gwendalito bot for fun and to discover how discord bots work... Today, I want to continue my work on gwendalito to make it better! I hope you appreciate our bot and have fun playing with it.


Hey there, i'm a 14 year old developer focusing on python. We have created gwendalito in hopes to revive server chats and make feature some bots make users pay for 100% free.

Join our server

bye ;(


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