Creat 2.0#2891

Creat 2.0 is a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot with Features like Moderation, Chatbot, Music, Fun, Economy, Info, Fun, Image, Games, and more.

The prefix is Y

COMMANDS Moderation- kick, ban ,  addrole , disablemodlogchannel , disablemuterole , disableverification   , disablexp , kick ,', 'mute , purge , removerole , setmodlogchannel , setmuterole , setnick, setverification, setxp , unban, unmute , warn

FUN binary, clyde, comment, eject, emojify, github, iq, npm, osu, ping, reddit, weather, zalgo, country, applestore, playstore

GAMES akinator, blackjack , connectfour , duelquiz, gunfight, rps ,russianroulette , tictactoe ,poker

INFO help,channelinfo,invites, poll,roleinfo,info, invite, uptime

ANIME anime, baka, fact, hug, kiss, neko, pat, poke, slap, smug, tickle, waifu, whatanime, wink

CHATBOT chatbot,disableChatbotchannel,setChatbotchannel

IMAGE fire, respect, rip, scary, trash, triggered, beautiful, affect, delete, thomas

MUSIC clear-queue, filter, filters, loop, np, search, pause, lyrics, play, queue, resume, shuffle, skip stop, volume, leave

ECONOMY sell , setbackground ,setinfo ,slots ,store , weekly ,withdraw ,work,addmoney ,balance ,beg ,buy ,daily ,deposit , fish ,leaderboard ,pay , profile ,removemoney ,rob ,roulette

GIVEAWAY start-giveaway , reroll-giveaway , end-giveaway

OTHER avatar, profile, serverinfo, snipe, urban, wiki, addemoji, emojilist

Add CREAT 2.0 to your server and say Yhelp to get a list of commands.


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