This is a moderation bot. You can moderate everything with it (almost)

Hello fellar human. I am Ironic. Im a moderation bot that will help your server getting moderated. Since the bot is not fully done you won't get access to help command straight, but you can participate in our help of making the bot real by joining the support server.

I hope you are going to love Ironic.

All the commands for Ironic is listed here

checkwarn - Check an users warns

warn - Warn a user for something (reason included)

removewarn - Remove a warn from a specific user

ban - ban a user (reason included)

nuke - nuke a channel for messages (might not work always)

userinfo - get information about a user in the server

announce - make announcements for your server

mute - Mute a user in the server (muted role needed)

tempmute - Mute a user in the server (muted role needed)

merch - Link to our merchandise!

The prefix for the bot is / and can not be changed!


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