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Do you want a nice moderation bot to manage your discord server then add Boby today!

Features & Info Author: kenx Moderation Bot built to manage discord servers. This bot has all the premium commands too. Hackban/forceban [Type of ip ban] is also available Modular Discord bot built entirely on pure JavaScript using Discord.JS. Modlogs for all the actions.

Commands Ban | Unban Deafen | Undeafen DisableModLogChannel | SetModLogChannel DisableMuteRole | SetMuteRole Dm Hackban/Forceban | Unban Kick Lock channel | Unlock Lockdown [Only for emergency scenarios] | Unlock Mute | Unmute Purge RoleAdd RoleInfo RoleMemberInfo SetNick Slowmode Svr [Server Region change] VoiceMove [Move a peerson from one vc to another] Warn Whois


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