Skooma Addict#6245

Skooma related bot, includes many commands, a chat filter [Only half functional], and a level system. Welcomes users to the server [Fixing].

Prefix (For most commands) = addict-

Public commands:

skooma = send a picture of skooma and the word skooma 5 times

addict-search (what you wanna search) = sends a google link

addict-poll = make a poll

prefix = see what Skooma Addict's prefix is

addict-invite = get the link to invite the bot to your server

addict-level = level up

addict-getskooma = get skooma

addict-avatar = get your avatar

addict-appstore (app name) = search the app store

addict-setup = Gives a list of all public commands

Moderator commands (To use these, make a role named Moderator and have kick permissions, manage roles and ban permissions):

(Needs "Manage Roles")addict-warn (Mention the user) = Warns the user

(Needs "Manage Roles")addict-role (Mention the user) (Mention the role) = Gives a user a role

(Needs kick permission) addict-kick (Mention the user) = Kicks the user

(Needs ban permission) addict-ban (Mention the user) = Bans the user

(Needs a role named "muted" that cannot send messages) addict-mute (Mention the user) (Reason)

(Needs a role named "muted" that cannot send messages) addict-unmute (mention the user)

If you have any problems with the bot, message Zonkedhobgoblin#5627 on Discord.


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