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LilLuna easy-to-use Discord Application! a way to watch a YouTube video and play games together on Discord.


HELP: 'help :List of available commands with detailed information for a specific command., PING: 'ping :The user/application ping., and INVITE: 'invite :The invitation link to the application.

  • Google YouTube Together Go: 'youtube :Watch YouTube videos on the Discord search and add videos to the queue with complete settings and controls.

  • Discord Poker Nights: 'poker :Discord Poker Night is a Texas hold 'em style game mode with up to 8 players total per game (you + 7 others) played right within a Discord voice channel, You can also have up to 17 additional spectators max.

  • Chess In The Park: 'chess :Play Chess on the Discord better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking and attention improvements.

  • Betrayal: 'betrayal :It’s a mystery! Betrayal is a multiplayer mystery game where you and 6-12 other players work together to solve who among you is a betrayer to the crew!.

  • Fishington: 'fish :An online fishing game where you can relax, chat and fish with up to 24 players!.

Updates and Announcements will show up here.


Note: You must have an administrator role in a server or permission to manage the server, allowing you to add Celesta to a custom server. make sure you’re logged in to the right account in the web browser when adding Celesta.

Choose your server. If your server is not listed, try refreshing and repeating the steps.

  • Click "Authorize"

  • Complete the captcha

  • Now you should be able to see the authorized message.

Support Server: Need help? Got questions or request a new feature? Join the support server to receive assistance.



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