LilLuna easy-to-use Discord Application! a way to watch a YouTube video and play games together on Discord.


HELP: 'help :List of available commands with detailed information for a specific command., PING: 'ping :The user/application ping., and INVITE: 'invite :The invitation link to the application.

  • Google YouTube Together Go: 'youtube :Watch YouTube videos on the Discord search and add videos to the queue with complete settings and controls.

  • Discord Poker Nights: 'poker :Discord Poker Night is a Texas hold 'em style game mode with up to 8 players total per game (you + 7 others) played right within a Discord voice channel, You can also have up to 17 additional spectators max.

  • Chess In The Park: 'chess :Play Chess on the Discord better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking and attention improvements.

  • Betrayal: 'betrayal :It’s a mystery! Betrayal is a multiplayer mystery game where you and 6-12 other players work together to solve who among you is a betrayer to the crew!.

  • Fishington: 'fish :An online fishing game where you can relax, chat and fish with up to 24 players!.

Updates and Announcements will show up here.


Note: You must have an administrator role in a server or permission to manage the server, allowing you to add Celesta to a custom server. make sure you’re logged in to the right account in the web browser when adding Celesta. https://discord.com/login

Choose your server. If your server is not listed, try refreshing and repeating the steps.

  • Click "Authorize"

  • Complete the captcha

  • Now you should be able to see the authorized message.

Support Server: Need help? Got questions or request a new feature? Join the support server to receive assistance.



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