Recovery Of Discord Servers

Welcome to Letoa.

  • Letoa is a discord bot that has the ability to restore members while backing up channels, roles, permissions and messages, making sure you don't lose any close friends or important information. Letoa stores 500mb+ of BACKUPS and 300+ VERIFIED USERS, and GROWING!

Getting Started -

In order to setup your server, you must invite the bot and authorize through our website, this will allow you to be able to edit your server where ever you are. Once you login you can save your tokens which are only visible for the server owner.

Verification -

When configuring your verification settings, you must make sure the "Letoa" role is above the verification role. This makes sure that Letoa can actually verify those users. You must also edit every channel permissions to denying @everyone to viewing while allowing the verification role you configured to viewing

How Verification Works -

If verification is enabled, whenever a user joins they will receive a DM from the bot asking them to verify before they can access the server. If you have setup a logging channel, once they verify it'll send a message to the channel. If they can't be messageed, it'll notify the same channel stating they cannot verify.

Premium -

Letoa has a free version and a premium version. Premium will grant the ability to restore infinite members, and more messages being backed up and restored. The free version can only restore 10 members and only backup 10 messages per channel. You can purchase premium via our support server.

What Is Backed Up? -

Everything is backed up in your discord server. ALL Channels + permissions, ALL Roles + permissions, messages (files, embeds), server settings (AFK, Default Message Channel, Notification Settings, Verification Level, Media Content Filter), EVERY ban, EVERY emoji. Everything a server has.

Other Information -

Over the past year, server owners and admins were thinking how they can restore their server if it was nuked / deleted. This brought to my attention to create a discord bot that would not only backup your server but to have the ability to restore your members! And the development process started, 1000's of countless hours were put into this project to produce what it is now.


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