Solza was developed with convenience in mind, it is a very user-friendly Discord bot with functionality such as moderation.

Solza was developed with convenience in mind, it is a very user friendly Discord bot with functionality including Music. Solza was programmed with much feeling and time in the programming language Javascript. Solza has plenty of commands, such as moderation fun and much more! The Prefix for Solza is : s! The Prefix is customizable and can only be executed by administrators.

Solza Commands

Info Commands

help shows the Command List / s!help
privacy shows the Privacy Policy / s!privacy
Solza Bugs / s!bugs
Solza To Do / s!todo

Anti Raid Commands

antilink on/off / s!antilinkon makes the Anti Link on
antiping on/off / s!antipingon makes the Anti Ping on

Moderation Commands

server show Server Info / s!serverinfo
kick a user / s!kick [@user]
ban a user / s!ban [@user] [reason]
user shows User Info / s!user [@user]
slowmode a Channel / s!slowmode [seconds]
lock a channel / s!lock
unlock a channel / s!unlock

Utility Commands

generate a random password / s!password [number]
avatar shows user avatar / s!avatar [@user]
invite Invite/Server Info from Solza / s!invite
ping shows the ping / s!ping
show the bot info / s!botinfo
roles shows all roles / s!roles
invitebot / s!invitebot [link]
selfharm help / s!selfharm
feedback Solza / s!feedback [message]

Crypto Commands

bitcoin shows the price / s!bitcoin
ethereum shows the price / s!ethereum
cardano shows the price / s!cardano
dogecoin shows the price / s!dogecoin
dash shows the price / s!dash
litecoin shows the price / s!litecoin
monero shows the price / s!monero
neo shows the price / s!neo
nem shows the price / s!nem
iota shows the price / s!iota
crypto shows all prices / s!crypto

Roleplay Commands

bite a user / s!bite [@user]
clap a user / s!clap [@user]
cry a user / s!cry [@user]
kiss a user / s!kiss [@user]
hug a user / s!hug [@user]
smile a user / s!smile [@user]
lick a user / s!smile [@user]
highfive a user / s!highfive [@user]
slap a user / s!slap [@user]
shoot a user / s!shoot [@user]
laugh a user / s!laugh [@user]
punch a user / s!punch [@user]
shrug a user / s!shrug [@user]
shy shy a user / s!shy [@user]
facepalm facepalm a user / s!facepalm [@user]
pat pat a user / s!pat [@user]
run run a user / s!run [@user]
sad a user / s!sad [@user]
greet a user / s!greet [@user]
stare a user / s!stare [@user]
poke a user / s!poke [@user]
die a user / s!die [@user]
stomp a user / s!stomp [@user]
cuddle a user / s!cuddle [@user]

Fun Commands

meme / s!meme
how gay/trans/gamer / s!how
8ball random response / s!8ball [message]
cookie Bake someone a cookie / s!cookie [@user]
rate someone <3 / s!rate [@user]
rl shows the user rocket league rank / s!rl [@user]
Solza say your message / s!say [message]
norris text / s!norris
some dadjokes / s!dadjoke
fight with someone / s!fight [@user]


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