Russian Roulette#8469

A fun and entertaining discord bot that replicates the popular Russian Roulette game.

Russian Roulette Bot

The Russian Roulette Bot increases server engagement and popularity. It also creates a fun enviroment for entertainment.

  • Current features include a global currency system, weapons, skins, crates, and blackjack gambling.

  • There are a total of 9 different roulette game modes, yet they are quite simple and interactive!

  • Type '.setup' or press the button on the welcome embed to get started!

  • See all commands with '.commands’!

| Below is a list with the most important commands: |

Statistics Commands

  • .profile - Check your progress
  • .inventory - If you got items, you can see them here
  • .crates - Unlock daily crates here

Game Commands

  • .rr - The most basic command to create a Russian Roulette match
  • .duel - Fight with another player (2 players only)
  • .shop - Here you can see what kind of stuff you can buy
  • .buy, .sell - You can sell anything from your inventory and buy anything from the shop
  • .trade - There are some items that can be traded for other items of similar value

Gambling Commands

` Bet your coins with commands like: .dice, .blackjack, .slots, .coinflip, .multidice, .wheel

There are a lot of other commands * such as .guild, .daily, .unlock, .nerf, .time travel, .reverse and more!

  • Commands unlocked after reaching a certain level.


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