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A discord bot with 70+ commands. It can protect the server from alts using captcha and a lots of moderation commands.

Sime's Default Prefix is s!

Add the prefix before any commands to run the command. Like s!ban

Use help command to show all the commands Sime has.

You can set/check the prefix by using the prefix command

Moderation : Moderation commands with timed mutes, timed bans and lockdown the server if someone trying to raid your server

Captcha : Protect the server from alts by verify using captcha

Setup : Configurations the bot to the best for the server

Custom Commands : Make some custom command for your server

Reports : Reports a member who break server rules

More... : There are more categories : Ticket, Giveaway, Utilities, ModMail, Leveling,...

Invite Sime for the best moderation on your server now


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